About us

You and your family have already decided to move to the USA via the EB-5 visa route or the E-2 treaty investor visa. You will find out the USA immigration process is complex and very time consuming, so let us help you navigate through this complicated maze and allow you and your family to reach the American Dream!

Since 2013, our team has grown into a diverse group of talented people each bringing different, remarkable skills to the table. We put our clients at the front of the line in everything we do, creating value for our services and helping them attain their desired visa or green card.

South Texas EB-5 Regional Center, LLC

A boutique consulting firm in USA immigration services for EB-5 visa and E-2 treaty investor visa.

Thinking of moving to USA? Let us guide you and help you plan your move. This is one of the most important things you will do, but it is also the most underestimated.

Our team

Bart Sanchez

CEO & Managing Member